We can help you with managing individual or organisational change.

Individual change can take many forms and is all around us. We coach individuals and executives, often professionals, business leaders, experts, business partners to cope with individual change with the aim that they can deal more effectively with the change that is occurring around them and inside. Change can be related to many things, e.g. a new organisation, a new group or team, a new leader/manager, a new partner, a new way of working, a new performance standard, travelling to and/or working at a new location, a different way of communicating, a different way of behaving.  As individuals we sometimes have a need to see things from a different perspective, to share how it feels, a need to belong as part of the new team or organisation, a need to be successful and recognised. Our individual coaching addresses these and many other needs to move forward.


Organisational change happens on two dimensions: there is the business side of change and the people side of change.

Managing change on the personal and organisational level requires new thinking, new models for change and new frameworks and tools to enable the smooth implementation
of the desired change.  We are certified users of the Prosci ADKAR Model, which offers a structured approach for the people side of change: it is a valuable framework for organisational leaders, change managers and project managers to effectively lead a wide variety of changes.

Having excellent project management - the best vision - or even the best solution to a problem will not result in successful change. The secret to successful change is rooted in something much simpler: how to facilitate change with one person.


Change happens at the individual level; in order for a group or organisation to change, all the individuals within that group or organisation must change. This means that in order to affect change in our organisations, businesses, public service and communities, we must first understand how to affect individual change. Oftentimes, though, helping an individual change can be ambiguous. The ADKAR Model is a framework for understanding and managing individual change, providing structure and tangibility to enable success.

ADKAR is an acronym that represents the five milestones an individual must achieve for change to be successful: awareness, desire, knowledge, ability and reinforcement (ADKAR)®. When applied to organisational change, this model allows leaders and change management teams to focus their activities on what will drive individual change and therefore allow for organisational results. The ADKAR Model provides clear and measurable goals and outcomes for change management activities.

The ADKAR Model can be used to identify gaps within your change management process. By breaking down a change into the parts of the ADKAR Model, you will be able to see where and why a change is not working well. With this understanding, you can address the barrier point, provide effective coaching for your employees and take the necessary steps to improve change success.

The ADKAR Model is useful in:

  • Diagnosing employee resistance to change

  • Helping employees transition through the change process

  • Creating a successful action plan for personal and professional advancement during a change initiative

  • Developing a change management plan for your employees


To use the ADKAR model effectively, it is important to understand all of the factors at play during a change initiative, and their effect on change success.  We consult and coach organisations and business leaders how to apply the ADKAR model and move through the people side of change effectively.

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