Why use our coaching and consulting practice?

Our mission and purpose is to support and facilitate executives, executive teams, talented professionals, business partners and organizations to drive and deliver on their aspirations or agenda through the hidden dynamics and discovery of their mind using coaching, consulting and team facilitation. Personalised career and performance coaching, focused on helping clients put real strategies into action, we believe is pivotal to enable our clients to achieve sustainable impact.

There are several reasons coaching can be beneficial and have the most impact if we want to develop or change.  Our coaching focuses on helping leaders transform and guiding organizations in organizational and culture change, determining values and impacting behaviours.  We apply coaching and consulting practices to help people and businesses discover their identity and possible new meaning and purpose. We help executives, professionals and individuals on a change journey where they can find more more fulfillment of their potential, more balance and more effective process in their lives.

We will notice habitual patterns of mindset, beliefs, emotional triggers, and behaviors that may be limiting growth. Once self-awareness and focus have been established, our coaching can aid in implementing evidence-based practices and strategies for long-term emotional balance to benefit not only the coachee him/herself, but also the people around them in personal and professional settings.

What coaching can trigger in us:


  • We don’t know what we don’t know.  A coach can help us see what is not readily apparent to us, and can also help us learn practices to become more self-aware, like noticing triggers and emotions in our day-to-day interactions.

  • A coach can remind us to continue to apply and experiment with new mental models and ways of behaving that are outside of our habitual patterns.  We expand our repertoire.

  • A coach can help us spot when our mindset and behaviours and actions are not aligned with our values and aspirations, and how our thinking and beliefs can get in the way of executing well toward our goals.

  • A coach can show us how to unstick habits that do not work or are counter-productive.

  • On stressful days it is easy to fall back into old ineffective behaviours and actions despite you are trying to change.  A coach can ensure that you do not give up and instead that you use failures to better prepare mentally for doing the right thing the next time around.

  • A coach can help us work on the competencies we need to be more successful in life from the reservoir of creative and good ideas and turn them into practical applications targeted to fit our goals and aspirations.


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